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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Setting Paragraph Tabs

In your document, tabs set how text or numerical data aligns in relation to the document margins. A tab stop is a predefined stopping point along the document’s typing line. Default tab stops are set every half-inch, but you can set multiple tabs per paragraph at any location. Choose from four text tab stops: left, right, center, and decimal (for numerical data). The bar tab inserts a vertical bar at the tab stop. You can use the Tab button on the horizontal ruler to switch between the available tabs.

Create and Clear a Tab Stop

  • yellow-circle1.jpg Select one or more paragraphs in which you want to set a tab stop.
  • yellow-circle2.jpg Click the Tab button on the horizontal ruler until it shows the type of tab stop you want.
  • yellow-circle3.jpg Click the ruler where you want to set the tab stop.
  • yellow-circle4.jpg If necessary, drag the tab stop to position it where you want.

    To display a numerical measurement in the ruler where the tab is placed, press and hold Alt as you drag.

  • yellow-circle5.jpg To clear a tab stop, drag it off the ruler.
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