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Old Wireless Network Gear - Slow and Insecure

Wireless networks (aka “Wireless Ethernet” or “Wi-Fi”) have been around long enough that it’s also time to clean house and get rid of hardware that is not only slowing down your network but also leaving it vulnerable to attacks. The main culprit? Equipment that uses the first-generation IEEE-802.11b (“Wireless-B”) standard. Wireless-B hardware runs at only 11Mbps, and much slower when encryption is used. To make matters worse, Wireless-B hardware support only the ineffective WEP encryption standard, which provides very little protection.

If you have any 802.11b hardware on a wireless network that also has 802.11g (54Mbps) or 802.11n (over 100Mbps), all stations on the network must run at 802.11b speeds and can only use WEP encryption. Thus, you have a very slow and very insecure network. Your best solution? Replace it all with 802.11n-compliant gear. 802.11n works with 802.11g, and both support strong WPA and WPA2 encryption (some early 802.11g hardware might work with only WPA encryption).

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