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Animate the captions

For our captions, we’ll add the name and website URL for the company that created this video. You can use whatever animations you want, but a simple fade or appear works well for captions. To create and animate the captions, follow these steps:

  1. On the Insert tab, choose Textbox. Click and drag on the slide to create the textbox. Type the caption (Developed by Matchbook Creative)
  2. Select the textbox, and on the Animations tab, choose the Fade entrance in the Animation Gallery – its symbol is a faded green star
  3. Press Ctrl+D to duplicate the textbox
  4. Select all of the text in the duplicate textbox and type http://www.sparktoignite.com
  5. Because it’s a duplicate of the original animated textbox, the second textbox will be animated with a fade entrance already

  6. Select the original textbox (Developed by Matchbook Creative) and click Add Animation on the Animations tab of the Ribbon
  7. Be sure to click Add Animation. If you choose another animation from the Animation gallery, it will override the animation you just created. To apply additional animations, you must select from the Add Animation button

  8. Select the Fade Exit – its symbol is a faded red star

These steps added an entrance and exit animation to the Developed by Matchbook Creative textbox, and we’ve added an entrance animation to the website URL. Now we’ll tie these to the bookmarks so they are synchronized with the video.

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