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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Setting Site Specific Code Hints

When you’re working with PHP files in Dreamweaver, you can discover code hints for functions, variables, and classes (New!). The built-in hint support also includes tooltips with documentation from php.net, which you can enable in Code Hints preferences. Added dynamic PHP code hinting support allows you to customize CMS (Content Management System) frameworks, like Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla. If a PHP code hint is not available by default in Dreamweaver, you can create or edit a configuration file in your local site with the site-specific code hints extension (New!) that allows PHP code hinting to inspect the specified files and folders for functions, objects, and global variables you want as code hints. The configuration file, named dw_php_codehinting.config, is saved to your site’s root.

Set Site Specific Code Hints

  • green-circle-1.jpg Open a PHP page, and make sure a server site is set up.
  • green-circle-2.jpg Click the Structure list arrow, and then select a built-in option (Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress), or click <New from blank> to create your own.
  • green-circle-3.jpg Click the Browse for Folder icon to select a sub-root folder for the configuration file and the base for searches within the site.
  • green-circle-4.jpg To add or remove a file or folder to your site scan, click the Plus button, specify a file or folder, and then click Add, or select a file or folder, and then click the Minus button.
  • green-circle-5.jpg Use any of the following:
    • Scan This Folder. Includes the selected folder in the site scan.

    • Recursive. Includes subfolders when a folder is selected.

    • Extensions. Specifies the file extensions to check.

  • green-circle-6.jpg To manage structures, use the Import, Save, Rename, or Delete buttons.
  • green-circle-7.jpg Click OK.
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