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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Color Replacement Tool

The Color Replacement tool lets you replace a specific color in your image. For best results use soft brushes with this tool to help blend the colors into the original image. Have you ever captured that perfect picture of a family member or friend, only to find they have red eyes? Or maybe there’s a part of your image where the color draws attention away from the focal point. Either way, the Color Replacement tool is a great feature that allows you to take control of the final image.

Use the Color Replacement Tool

  • blue-circle1.jpg Select the Color Replacement tool on the toolbox.
  • blue-circle2.jpg Select a Brush tip on the Options bar.
  • blue-circle3.jpg Select from the available Sampling options:
    • Continuous. Samples colors continuously as you drag.

    • Once. Replaces the targeted color only where you click.

    • Background Swatch. Erases areas matching the background.

  • blue-circle4.jpg Select from the available Limits options:
    • Discontiguous. Replaces the sampled color under the pointer.

    • Contiguous. Replaces connected areas containing the sampled color and preserves the sharpness of shape edges.

    • Find edges. Limits painting of the replacement color within an object as defined by its edges.

  • blue-circle5.jpg Enter a Tolerance percentage value (0% to 255%).
  • blue-circle6.jpg Select the Anti-alias check box for a smoother edge on areas you correct.
  • blue-circle7.jpg Select a foreground color to use to replace the unwanted color.
  • blue-circle8.jpg Drag in the image over the color you want to replace.
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