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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with the Line Tool

The Line tool lets you draw lines by dragging from one point in the active document and releasing in another. You can draw lines at precise 45- or 90-degree angles by holding down the Shift key as you drag. Select the Line tool, or if you already have another drawing tool selected, you can choose the Line tool from the toolbox. Then configure the Line tool using the Options bar. It’s also a good idea to create the lines in a separate layer. That way, once the lines have been drawn, it’s as easy as selecting the Move tool and repositioning them where you want them.

Work with the Line Tool

  • blue-circle1.jpg Select the Line tool on the toolbox.
  • blue-circle2.jpg Click the Fill Pixels button to create raster shapes in the active foreground color.
  • blue-circle3.jpg Click the Geometry options list arrow, and then select from the following options:
    • Arrowheads. Select the Start and/or End check boxes to create arrowheads on the line.

    • Width. Enter a percentage (10 to 1,000), to determine the width of the arrowhead in relation to the width of the line.

    • Length. Enter a percentage (10 to 5,000), to determine the length of the arrowhead.

    • Concavity. Enter a percentage (-50 to +50) to determine the concavity of the arrowhead.

  • blue-circle4.jpg Enter a value (1 to 1,000 pixels) to determine the weight of the line.
  • blue-circle5.jpg Click the Mode list arrow, and then select a blending mode.
  • blue-circle6.jpg Enter an Opacity percentage value (1% to 100%).
  • blue-circle7.jpg Select the Anti-alias check box to create a visually smoother line.
  • blue-circle8.jpg Drag in the document window to create the line.
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