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Creating a Developers Provisioning Profiles

A provision profile is a document which is associated with your App and developer certificate for either development or iTunes App distribution. There are three types of Provisioning Profiles (New!) you can use: Developer, Distribution to Ad Hoc and Distribution to iTunes App Store. You will cover how to use the Distribution Profiles later in the chapter. For now, let’s focus on creating Developer Profiles.

Create a Developer Profile

  • orange-circle-1.jpg Open your Web browser, and then go to the Provisioning Profiles page on the iPhone Developer site:
  • orange-circle-2.jpg Click the Development tab.
  • orange-circle-3.jpg Click the New Profile button.
  • orange-circle-4.jpg Enter a meaningful Profile name.

    A convention that is gaining popularity is to use the prefix “Dev” followed by the App ID, such as DevWorldlyWordSearch.

  • orange-circle-5.jpg Select the check box with your name in the Certificates list.
  • orange-circle-6.jpg Click the App ID list arrow, and then select your App ID.
  • orange-circle-7.jpg Select your test device from the devices listed.
  • orange-circle-8.jpg Click the Submit button.

    Your developer profile takes about 30 seconds to generate.

  • orange-circle-9.jpgClick Download (Mac) or Save (Win), and then save the Developer profile to your desktop.

    The file will have the extension “mobileprovision”

  • orange-circle-10.jpg Connect your test iPhone to iTunes.
  • orange-circle-11.jpg Drag the downloaded Developer Profile onto iTunes, and then sync your iPhone.

    This adds the Developer Profile to your testing device.

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