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Becoming an Apple Certified Developer

The iPhone OS has rapidly become the mobile operating systems against which all other mobile systems, such as Android, Windows Mobile 7, BlackBerry, WebOS and Symbian, are all compared to. There is a very good reason for this: the iPhone OS is rock solid. Each App you develop for the iPhone OS will run on an ever increasing number of products shipping from Apple. They include the iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPod Touch and the iPad. All of your Flash CS5 applications (New!) will run on these devices. To be able to develop applications for the iPhone you do need to become a registered Apple developer. The cost is only $99 a year and this gives you the ability to load applications up to the iTunes App Store. Yes, you heard me right; it only costs $99 a year to load as many apps as you can develop into the iTunes App Store. This is an amazing deal. Similar programs run by Nintendo to develop apps for their Wii Wares store start in the low thousands of dollars.

Become an Apple Certified Developer

  • orange-circle-1.jpg Open your Web browser on the Mac, and then go to the iPhone Dev Center site:
  • orange-circle-2.jpg Click the Register link on the Web page.
  • orange-circle-3.jpg Follow the registration process; either use an existing iTunes Account or create a new account to register with the site.
    • Upon completion, you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  • orange-circle-4.jpg Go to http://developer.apple.com/iphone/manage/certificates to download and install your Apple iPhone Development Certificate.
  • orange-circle-5.jpg Open the Keychain to view your Apple iPhone Development Certificates: a Developer and a Distribution Certificate.
  • orange-circle-6.jpgControl-click on the Developer Certificate, and then click Export Certificate.
  • orange-circle-7.jpg Navigate to the location where you want to save the certificate.
  • orange-circle-8.jpg Click the File Format list arrow, and then click Personal Information Exchange (.p12).
  • orange-circle-9.jpg Click Save.
  • orange-circle-10.jpg Enter a strong password for your App, and then remember it as you’ll need it later.
  • orange-circle-11.jpg Repeat Steps 6-10 to export the Distribution Certificate in the Personal Information Exchange (.p12) format.
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