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Identifying Devices to Deploy an Ad Hoc App

Ad Hoc is a method for deploying your App to up to 100 iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. The Ad Hoc method (New!) is a solution that allows you to deploy your apps to a small group of friends and co-workers without the App appearing in the iTunes App Store. The method for creating the application is very similar to deploying an App for deployment to the iTunes App store. There are three steps you need to be able to successfully deploy an App using Ad Hoc: Identify each device you will be deploying your Ad Hoc App too; creating an Ad Hoc provisioning license; and packaging your Ad Hoc App.

Collect and Add Deployment Device IDs

  • orange-circle-1.jpg Contact each person you will be deploying your App to and ask them to connect their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to their Mac or Windows computer.
  • orange-circle-2.jpg Ask them to open iTunes, select their device, and then view the Summary tab information.
  • orange-circle-3.jpg Ask them to click the Serial Number next to their device.

    The number changes to an Identifier (UDID) number.

  • orange-circle-4.jpg Ask them to copy the UDID number, and then send it to you.
  • orange-circle-5.jpg Open your Web browser, and then go to the Devices page on the iPhone Developer site:
  • orange-circle-6.jpg For each trusted device, click the Add Devices button on the Web page, paste in the UDID number and then enter a device name.
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