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The Best of the Best

This book like the others has been years in the making, and it represents a collection of my best ideas. I'm proud of this book because the techniques that I present in this material are truly original within the field of Technical Analysis. While combining the basic approach of several established technical methodologies, I believe the new ideas in this material integrate the existing unprecedented strategies of Harmonic Trading to create one of the most comprehensive and effective trading systems available today.

It is important to note that I only release strategies that I have tested thoroughly in real trading situations that have produced consistently successful results for me. In my opinion, successful strategies must stand up in real market conditions that reflect the realities of trading and not just shine in well-chosen examples at a weekend trading seminar. I understand that many products and services, especially Fibonacci-related ones, make absurd claims of fortune and success if you spend "only 15 minutes a day." NO! I make no false promises of quick riches. I offer effective trading tools that help those people who are looking for the answers to the financial markets, as long as they are willing to study and apply themselves through diligent work to achieve consistent success.

My goal in this book is to present a significant advancement of the Harmonic Trading approach that integrates new applications of existing technical measures beyond their standard interpretation. In fact, the extent of new ideas and concepts practically doubles the existing amount of material on the subject. The advanced techniques outlined in this book incorporate only the most pertinent technical measures that substantially increase the accuracy of harmonic patterns to identify the critical turning points in the financial markets. In particular, the RSI BAMM exemplifies the effectiveness of these advanced techniques to identify unique technical situations where the completion of harmonic patterns has even greater importance and serves to filter the more meaningful setups from those that possess less significance.

In closing, I want to thank you for taking time to read my material. I want you to know that I'm using these techniques every day to make financial decisions for my clients and myself. I have a responsibility to serve their best interests to the best of my ability. I extend this level of dedication and commitment to all career endeavors. This book reflects such dedication and commitment. I just want you to know that you are getting the real deal here and that I'm grateful to share this information with you. Let's get started!

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