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It's Still Up to You...

I can share these strategies, but the overall success is still dependent upon your dedication and determination to work diligently to follow the markets, analyze price action, and adhere to this methodology. You must be willing to do the work. Although it can be easier to relinquish control to an advisor or professional money management outfit, the ultimate responsibility for success in the financial markets is still up to each individual. The pursuit of market knowledge can be daunting. But it is essential to refuse to allow anyone to deter you from the success that you seek.

The ability to succeed in trading is 100% self-directed. You must find the opportunities, determine which trades to execute, and remain focused on your goals, as no outside element can distract you from your objective. Although this can seem overwhelming at first, Harmonic Trading does possess a comprehensive, start-to-finish methodology to successfully guide you throughout the decision-making process. Despite sharing my most advanced research, it is still entirely up to you to dedicate yourself to this endeavor to realize success.

Although trading can be a solitary pursuit, it is important to remember that you know what's best for yourself—regardless of your level of experience. Many experts and their "immensely successful systems" can be intimidating at first. It can be easy during the early stages of learning any trading system to relinquish control of your own decision-making process to others because they seemingly have better answers or appear to know more than you. Again, the truth is that only you know what's best for yourself, and you must make your own assessments regarding any trading methodology. I encourage questions and welcome any comments and/or criticism to extend an open debate regarding this material. Despite my own beliefs and personal success, I truly encourage you to evaluate this material for yourself.

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