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From the author of Agile Project Management (APM) Quadrant

Agile Project Management (APM) Quadrant

When a project has a clear goal, but how to achieve the goal (the solution) is not clear, it falls into the Agile Project Management (APM) quadrant. These types of projects dominate the landscape and are the projects for which APF is designed. Testimonial data that I've gathered from all over the world suggests that fully 70% of all projects are APM projects. APM projects have their own project management models, and they're quite different from TPM project management models. Unfortunately, too many project managers try to modify TPM approaches to accommodate APM projects. That thinking is a big mistake and a big contributor to the high rate of project failure. The range of complexity and uncertainty that characterizes APM projects is wide and deep. APM projects dwarf TPM projects with their challenges to both the project manager and the business analyst. The least complex and uncertain APM projects will require one approach (Iterative PMLC), while those projects at the highest levels of complexity and uncertainty will require a different approach (Adaptive PMLC). APF is both an Iterative and Adaptive PMLC.

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