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Create Raving Fans

While hundreds of companies are beginning to embrace the concept of a purpose-driven organization, these companies tend to be the exception, rather than the rule. I find this surprising given the fact that not only are these companies adored by their employees and customers, but they also deliver consistent profitability and return to their shareholders. Perhaps I am oversimplifying this concept, but when you have a choice to run a great company versus a mediocre company, why not create a great company? Not only will you have more fun; but you will create loyal employees and customers who are "Raving Fans."2

Raving Fans, the title of a book coauthored by Ken Blanchard, describes customers who believe so much in a company's people and products that they actually become a part of the sales force. The way to create customers who are raving fans is to first treat your employees with great care and respect. If you do this, they in turn will care for customers. The result of creating raving fan customers, being the employer of choice, and the investment of choice is a "triple bottom line." As Blanchard is famous for saying, "Profit is the applause you get for taking care of your customers and creating a motivating environment for your people."3

Blanchard not only writes about companies with extraordinary purpose, he runs a company that lives by these principles every day. As Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, Ken Blanchard's role is to lead others at a higher level. He not only does this in his organization, but he also teaches other companies to embrace this concept. If you don't think this concept is important, especially in tough economic times, read on to see how Blanchard handled a difficult choice in our last recession during the period of time immediately following the 9/11 tragedy.

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