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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The Benefits of a Production Acceptance Process

An effective production deployment process offers several advantages to a variety of user groups. These beneficiaries include the applications department, executive management, various groups within the IT infrastructure, customers, and suppliers (see Table 9-1).

Table 9-1. Beneficiaries and Benefits of Production Acceptance




1. Ensures that adequate network and system capacity is available for both development and production

2. Identifies desktop upgrade requirements in advance to ensure sufficient budget, resources, and time frame

3. Specifies detailed hardware and software configurations of both the development and production servers to ensure identical environments are used for testing and deployment

4. Ensures infrastructure support groups (systems, networks, solution center) are trained on supporting the application weeks prior to cutover

Executive Management

1. Quantifies total ongoing support costs prior to project start-up

2. Reduces overtime costs by identifying upgrade requirements early on

3. Increases the likelihood of deploying production systems on schedule by ensuring thorough and timely testing


1. Identifies initial system and network requirements early on

2. Identifies future infrastructure requirements enabling more cost-effective capacity planning

3. Identifies ongoing support requirements early on


1. Involves customers early in the planning phase

2. Ensures customer equipment upgrades are identified early and scheduled with customer involvement

3. Ensures satisfactory user testing


1. Involves key suppliers in the success of the project

2. Identifies and partners key suppliers with each other and with support groups

3. Provides suppliers with opportunities to suggest improvements for deployment

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