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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

2.2 Creating a Dynamic Stripe

A dynamic stripe is the most basic pool that can be created. There is no redundancy in this configuration. If any disk fails, then the whole pool is lost. Any pool created with multiple vdevs will dynamically stripe across each vdev or physical device.

You can use the zpool command with the subcommand to create a dynamic stripe. After the create subcommand is the name of the new ZFS pool, dstripe, and the disks that will comprise the pool.

# zpool create dstripe c5t0d0 c5t1d0

The following listing presents the results of creating the ZFS pool dstripe. On line 2, zpool list is executed to list all the ZFS pools on the system. Line 3 starts a list of the available pools. The command gives you general information about the ZFS pools.

1   # zpool create dstripe c5t0d0 c5t1d0
2   # zpool list
4   dstripe   234M    75K   234M     0%  ONLINE  -
5   rpool    15.9G  3.21G  12.7G    20%  ONLINE  -

Next on line 6, zpool status is issued to inquire about the status of the ZFS pools. Starting at line 7, the status of the ZFS pool dstripe is displayed, with a normal status. Reading the config: section of the output starting at line 10, the pool dstripe is shown as two concatenated disks. Lines 14 and 15 list the vdevs (c5t0d0 and c5t1d0) that belong to the pool dstripe. The second pool listed is made of a single disk called rpool, configured as a dynamic stripe with only a single vdev (c3d0s0). It was created as part of the OS installation process.

6   # zpool status
7   pool: dstripe
8   state: ONLINE
9   scrub: none requested
10  config:
12          NAME        STATE      READ WRITE CKSUM
13          dstripe     ONLINE        0     0     0
14            c5t0d0    ONLINE        0     0     0
15            c5t1d0    ONLINE        0     0     0
17  errors: No known data errors
19    pool: rpool
20   state: ONLINE
21   scrub: none requested
22  config:
24          NAME        STATE      READ WRITE CKSUM
25          rpool       ONLINE        0     0     0
26            c3d0s0    ONLINE        0     0     0
28 errors: No known data errors

Figure 2.1 illustrates the resulting dynamic pool with its two vdevs of single nonredundant disks. Any problems with the disks (sector errors or disk failure) may result in the loss of the whole pool or data.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.1 Dynamic stripe pool with two vdevs

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