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Easily Review Your QuickBooks Data

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Laura Medeira takes a closer look at Client Data Review, choosing a reporting basis, reviewing the balance sheet, and additional data reviews in QuickBooks 2010.
This chapter is from the book

Client Data Review—Improved for 2010!

One of the most significant releases in recent editions of QuickBooks is the Client Data Review (CDR) feature. Used primarily by accounting professionals, it is available in QuickBooks Premier Accountant as well as the Accountant edition of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant 10.0.

With the 2010 Client Data Review feature comes more robust tracking of the changes your client makes to the data between your reviews. Additionally, if your client created an External Accountant user login for you, you will have access to these key benefits and features in non-accountant editions.

For more information, visit http://www.informit.com/store/product.aspx?isbn=0789743221 to read the online chapter "Detecting and Correcting with the Client Data Review Feature," or visit the author's website at www.quick-training.com.

  • New troubleshooting tools and reports available only within the Client Data Review feature. These are identified in this chapter with the "tool" icon, such as the Troubleshooting Account Balances task that is a CDR-dependent feature.
  • A trial balance that "remembers" the previously reviewed balances and compares to the same prior dated balances that QuickBooks calculates today.
  • Stored, reviewed balances that your client cannot modify!
  • Identifies what chart of accounts balances differ and the amount of the difference when compared to your prior period reviewed financials.
  • View or modify the QuickBooks suggested adjusting journal entry created so that your reviewed balances agree with the current QuickBooks data for that prior period.
  • Tracking changes to lists, additions, and name changes even tracking accounts or list items that were merged.
  • NEW! Reclassify multiple transactions at one time.
  • NEW! Identify and troubleshoot errors with inventory valuation.
  • NEW! Automatically fix Sales Tax payments that were incorrectly paid using the Write Check form.
  • NEW! Write off small customer balances in batch.
  • Tracking changes to list items, accounts assigned or for payroll items tracking when a change to a rate is made.
  • Are you working with the Open Windows dialog in your QuickBooks data? Client Data Review will display in the Open Windows dialog enabling you to move efficiently between activities in QuickBooks and the Client Data Review feature.
  • Conveniently work on Client Data Review in QuickBooks and modify or add transactions as normal with an immediate refresh of the data in your review.
  • Functional in the Accountant's Copy file sharing format. (Some limitations specific to Accountant's Copy apply.) See Chapter 15, "Sharing Data with Your Accountant or Your Client" for more details.

There is not a better time to encourage your clients to upgrade to the newest version of QuickBooks.

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