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This chapter is from the book

Foundation Summary

This section lists additional details and facts to round out the coverage of the topics in this chapter. Unlike most of the Cisco Press Exam Certification Guides, this "Foundation Summary" does not repeat information presented in the "Foundation Topics" section of the chapter. Please take the time to read and study the details in the "Foundation Topics" section of the chapter, as well as review items noted with a Key Topic icon.

Table 2-10 lists some of the most popular IOS commands related to the topics in this chapter. (The command syntax was copied from the Catalyst 3550 Multilayer Switch Command Reference, 12.1(20)EA2. Note that some switch platforms may have differences in the command syntax.)

Table 2-10. Catalyst IOS Commands Related to Chapter 2



show mac address-table [aging-time | count | dynamic | static] [address hw-addr] [interface interface-id] [vlan vlan-id]

Displays the MAC address table; the security option displays information about the restricted or static settings

show interfaces [interface-id | vlan vlan-id] switchport | trunk]

Displays detailed information about an interface operating as an access port or a trunk

show vlan [brief | id vlan-id | name vlan-name | summary]

EXEC command that lists information about VLAN

show vlan [vlan]

Displays VLAN information

show vtp status

Lists VTP configuration and status information

switchport mode {access | dot1q-tunnel | dynamic {auto | desirable} | trunk}

Configuration command setting nontrunking (access), trunking, and dynamic trunking (auto and desirable) parameters

switchport nonegotiate

Interface subcommand that disables DTP messages; interface must be configured as trunk or access port

switchport trunk {allowed vlan vlan-list} | {encapsulation {dot1q | isl | negotiate}} | {native vlan vlan-id} | {pruning vlan vlan-list}

Interface subcommand used to set parameters used when the port is trunking

switchport access vlan vlan-id

Interface subcommand that statically configures the interface as a member of that one VLAN

Table 2-11 lists the commands related to VLAN creation—both the VLAN database mode configuration commands (reached with the vlan database privileged mode command) and the normal configuration mode commands.

Table 2-11. Catalyst 3550 VLAN Database and Configuration Mode Command List

VLAN Database


vtp {domain domain-name | password password | pruning | v2-mode | {server | client | transparent}}

vtp {domain domain-name | file filename | interface name | mode {client | server | transparent} | password password | pruning | version number}

vlan vlan-id [backupcrf {enable | disable}] [mtu mtu-size] [name vlan-name] [parent parent-vlan-id] [state {suspend | active}]

vlan vlan-id1

show {current | proposed | difference}

No equivalent

apply | abort | reset

No equivalent

Table 2-12. Cisco IOS PPPoE Client Commands



pppoe enable

Enables PPPoE operation on an Ethernet interface or subinterface

pppoe-client dial-pool-number number

Configures the outside Ethernet interface on a router for PPPoE operation and ties it to a dialer interface

debug pppoe [data | errors | events | packets]

Enables debugging for PPPoE troubleshooting

Memory Builders

The CCIE Routing and Switching written exam, like all Cisco CCIE written exams, covers a fairly broad set of topics. This section provides some basic tools to help you exercise your memory about some of the broader topics covered in this chapter.

Fill In Key Tables from Memory

Appendix G, "Key Tables for CCIE Study," on the CD in the back of this book contains empty sets of some of the key summary tables in each chapter. Print Appendix G, refer to this chapter's tables in it, and fill in the tables from memory. Refer to Appendix H, "Solutions for Key Tables for CCIE Study," on the CD to check your answers.


Next, take a few moments to write down the definitions for the following terms:

  • VLAN, broadcast domain, DTP, VTP pruning, 802.1Q, ISL, native VLAN, encapsulation, private VLAN, promiscuous port, community VLAN, isolated VLAN, 802.1Q-in-Q, Layer 2 protocol tunneling, PPPoE, DSL.

Refer to the glossary to check your answers.

Further Reading

The topics in this chapter tend to be covered in slightly more detail in CCNP Switching exam preparation books. For more details on these topics, refer to the Cisco Press CCNP preparation books found at www.ciscopress.com/ccnp.

Cisco LAN Switching, by Kennedy Clark and Kevin Hamilton, is an excellent reference for LAN-related topics in general, and certainly very useful for CCIE written and lab exam preparation.

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