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From the author of Creating a New Theme

Creating a New Theme

You can also create your own themes from your own combination of background images, colors, sounds, and screen saver. Get everything just the way you like it and then save it as a theme; when you want to return to this particular setup, just switch to this theme and you're all set.

Here's how to create and save a new theme in Windows 7:

  1. Apply the desktop background, colors, sounds, and screen saver you want for the theme.
  2. Your choices now appear in the Personalization window as an Unsaved Theme. Click this theme to select it.
  3. With the unsaved theme selected, right-click this theme in the window and select Save Theme.
  4. When prompted, give the theme a name and click the Save button.

This new theme now appears in the Personalization window for you to select in the future.

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