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You now know what makes a great application, and you have a basis for creating your own. Here are some key points:

  • Make sure you understand what you are building and why before you start your application. Have clear objectives and know who your users are.
  • Early on, focus on providing value for users and make sure that the user workflows are well designed and simple to perform.
  • Plan for success by designing for scalability at the beginning.
  • Iterate rapidly in response to user feedback, but make sure that the user demographic giving the feedback aligns with your objectives.
  • Build applications that connect users, provide real value, and allow them to connect in new or more in depth ways.
  • Respect user privacy and trust by keeping users' data safe and only sending communications they expect.
  • Test application functionality before deploying, respond quickly to issues, and provide a fast and reliable experience.
  • Make your applications simple to use and intuitive.
  • Use other successful applications to understand what works well on Facebook.
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