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  1. What event do you use to detect a button tap?

  2. What purpose does the @synthesize directive accomplish?

  3. Which Apple project template creates a simple view/view controller application?


  1. The Touch Up Inside event is most commonly used to trigger actions based on a button press.

  2. The @synthesize directive creates the simplified getters and setters for a property. In the case of the label and field we used in the tutorial, it enabled us to access the text property by using <variable name>.text.

  3. The View-Based Application template sets up a view and a view controller.


  1. Explore the attributes of the interface objects that you added to the tutorial project in Interface Builder. Try setting different fonts, colors, and layouts. Use these tools to customize the view beyond the simple layout created this hour.
  2. Review the Apple Xcode documentation for the Core Data features of Cocoa. Although you won't be using this technology in this book's tutorials, it is an important tool that you'll ultimately want to become more familiar with for advanced data-driven applications.
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