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From the author of Working with Vista and XP Backup Files

Working with Vista and XP Backup Files

Windows 7 can also work with Windows Vista and Windows XP (NTBackup) files.

To restore files from a Windows Vista disk image backup, follow the procedures listed previously for restoring files from Windows 7.

Windows Vista stores file backups in ZIP archives. Consequently, we don't need to use Windows 7's Backup and Restore to access these files. Instead, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder containing the backups (the folder has the same name as the source computer). See Figure 21.

Figure 21 Preparing to open a Windows Vista file backup.

As you navigate deeper into the folder, click Continue when prompted by UAC to receive permission to access the folder's contents.

Eventually, you will see archive (.zip) folders. Double-click each folder and drill through the structure to find the file(s) you want to restore. You can drag the files from the folder to any location desired (Figure 22).

Figure 22 Selecting files from a Windows Vista file backup.

Windows 7 does not include the Removable Storage Service (RSS) used by NTBackup, the backup tool used in Windows 2000 and XP. However, if your backup is not residing on tape or removable media (for example, if you have backed up to an external hard disk), you can copy NTBackup files to your Windows 7 system and run NTBackup to restore files directly to Windows 7.

For details, see Microsoft TechNet’s articles “Windows NT Backup - Restore in Win 7?” and “Restore WinXP tape backups in Win7.”

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