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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with Dashboard

Dashboard is a Mac OS X screen that gives you quick access to widgets, such as news headlines and updates, slide shows, weather information, traffic maps, Internet radio streams, and slide shows of online photo albums. Widgets are mini-applications that can connect to Web services, such as an RSS feed (which automatically delivers Web content to your desktop), or integrate with many of your applications, such as viewing your calendar. You can customize Dashboard to suit the way you work by using the Widget bar. Mac OS X comes with a set of widgets to get you started. However, you can easily download more widgets online. You can quickly open Dashboard by pressing the F12 key. If you prefer a different shortcut key, you can select the one you want in the Exposé & Spaces pane of System Preferences.

Work with Dashboard

  • Show or Hide Dashboard. Press F12.

  • Open Widget Bar. Click the Open (+) button in the lower-left corner of Dashboard or press command.jpg+= (equal).

  • Close Widget Bar. Click the Close (x) button or press command.jpg+= (equal).

  • Scroll the Widget Bar. Click the Left or Right Arrow buttons or press command.jpg+Left Arrow or command.jpg+Right Arrow.

  • Reload Current Widget. Press command.jpg+R.

Change Dashboard Preferences

  • green1.jpg Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.
  • green2.jpg Click the Exposé & Spaces icon.
  • green3.jpg Click the Exposé tab.
  • green4.jpg Click the Hide and Show pop-up, press a keyboard modifier (Shift, Control, Option, or command.jpg) if you want, and then select the shortcut key you want.

    If you want to see more shortcut options, hold down the Shift, Control, Option, or Command keys, or a combination of the keys, while you view the pop-up menu.

  • green5.jpg If you have a Mighty Mouse or other multi-button mouse, you can use the other pop-up to set mouse button shortcuts.

    On the Mighty Mouse, Button 3 applies to the scroll-ball button and Button 4 applies to the pair of side buttons. You can use the scroll-ball button to open Dashboard.

  • green6.jpg Click the Close button.
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