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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Capturing Images with a Digital Camera

Mac OS X has provided you a way to directly access your digital camera and organize your images and even sounds. Just plug in your digital camera or scanner directly, and import your pictures or sounds from any application that supports Services and Rich Text Format (most digital cameras and scanners). The Image Capture application lets you download all or selected contents from your digital camera, crop images to a variety of sizes, and even delete unwanted pictures from your camera. You can even use Image Capture to build a Web page, complete with individual thumbnails of your photos. Just click Build Web Page from the Automatic Task pop-up on the toolbar. Image Capture automatically generates the Web page and stores the images in the Pictures folder on your hard drive. In addition, you can use the images to create a slideshow or format them for printing.

Capture Images with a Digital Camera

  • green1.jpg Plug a digital device into your computer.
  • green2.jpg If necessary, click the Applications folder in the Dock, and then click the Image Capture icon.
  • green3.jpg Click the Download To pop-up, and then select where to store the images.
  • green4.jpg Click the Automatic Task pop-up, and then select from the tasks.
  • green5.jpg Click Options, select from the available options, and then click OK.
  • green6.jpg Click Download All to move all the images from the digital device to the folder on your hard drive.
  • green7.jpg Click Download Some, and then select the images (hold down command.jpg to select more than one).
  • green8.jpg Click Rotate Left, Rotate Right, or Delete buttons to adjust or delete.
  • green9.jpg Click Download.
  • green10.jpg Quit Image Capture.
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