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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding an Image to an Address Book

It’s not unusual for an address book to grow quite large. Over time, you’ll add more and more addresses and occasionally delete old ones, until you have dozens even hundreds of contacts listed in your address book. Sometimes, identification requires more than just a name or an address, so Apple gives you the ability to add an image to a contact. Maybe it’s to help associate a face with a name, or just be reminded (visually) of a special someone—whatever the reason, adding an image is as simple as opening the file containing the image, and dragging it into the photo box for the selected contact.

Add an Image to an Address Book

  • green1.jpg Click the Applications folder in the Dock, and then click the Address Book icon.
  • green2.jpg Select the Group which contains the contact.
  • green3.jpg Select the Name of the contact that you want to add the image to.
  • green4.jpg Drag the image into the active contact.

    Address Book opens an image placement dialog which lets you resize the image to fit in the allocated space.

  • green5.jpg Drag the slider left or right to resize the image.
  • green6.jpg Click Set to add the image to the contact.
  • green7.jpg Quit Address Book.
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