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Creating Collections

What's the difference between a set and a collection? As you've seen, a set holds a number of photos or videos. A collection can hold a number of sets.

That's good when you have a hierarchy of photos. For example, you might have been on a big expedition to the American West and want to list each day's photos in a separate set. In that case, you might create a collection of each day's photo sets so you have all your Wild West photos in one collection.

Or you might have a real estate portfolio that you want to showcase for sale, perhaps a dozen properties. Each of those properties could become a photo set in the overall collection, which would represent your total portfolio.

Sound good?

It might—until you learn that to create a collection, you have to be a Flickr Pro user.

Yes, collections can only be created by Pro users. For that reason, we'll take a look at how to work with collections when we discuss Pro accounts in Lesson 9, "Upgrading Your Account."

We'll also preview creating collections here. After all, if they appeal to you, creating your own collections might be the reason you want to sign up for Flickr Pro.

Creating a collection is not hard. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the Organize link in any Flickr page to open the Organizr.
  2. Click the Sets & Collections tab. In that tab, you'll see a link to create a new collection.
  3. Click that link, and give your new collection a title and description. You'll see the available sets on the same page. Drag the sets you want to add into your new collection.
  4. After you've added your sets, click the Create Mosaic button. Sets are represented by a single photo from the set, but collections are represented by a mosaic of images from the collection.

    When you click the Create Mosaic button, Flickr will randomly select photos from your collection to add to the mosaic.

    Flickr selects the photos it adds to the mosaic randomly with a strong preference for public photos. (In fact, if there is only one public photo in your collection, Flickr will use that photo, and only that photo, for the mosaic.) You can override what image appears in the mosaic by simply dragging your own photos there.

If you're a Pro user, you can create as many collections as you like. You can even create collections of collections—but there's a limit on that. You can only add collections five levels deep.

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