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Stream Media Security Workaround

The workaround for securing the video streamer, which also (unlike most other Opera services at this point) sends a URL to the opera.com server, is to:

  • Set the web server to password protection
  • Put a symlink in the directory the web server gets the files it delivers from that goes from the web server directory to the video file content directory for the video streamer –
  • ln –s /path/to/video-streamer-directory STREAMING
  • Put a link on one of the web server pages (index.html will do) that connects to the video streamer symlink. For instance, in, substitute your actual workstation address and port for the part of the URL before /webserver, and find out what directory Opera Unite assigned—it might be “webserver”. I had occasion to reinstall the webserver because it assigned webserver_1.
  • Once the link is in place, click it to get to the video streamer page.
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