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Money from Corporations

Some large companies make rather substantial investments in start-up companies. This is especially true if a particular large corporation can forecast a valid partnership between the start-up and themselves if the startup makes the big time.

Pools Without Water

Sometimes investors get together and pool their money. These pools are essentially partnerships that can sometimes offer investment capital to needy, deserving companies. The investors swimming in these financial pools might be individual (and moneyed) people or entities such as retirement funds or even other corporations.

If you are creating new technology that a particular company could benefit from or building out a space on the Internet that the company could directly profit from, you might be able to interest that company in funding you. It will expect a high rate of return from its investment, but if it believes in your startup, that means that it has carefully considered all aspects of your company and it feels that it is making the right decision in funding you. That's a very good sign.

If a major company invests in your company, other potential investors will get very excited about that. Nothing speaks as clearly about how well your startup is doing than when some huge company hands a few million dollars over to you.

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