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National Association of Small Business Investment Companies

The NASBIC considers itself to be the voice of the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) industry before Congress and the administration. It has some pretty exciting information on its Web site. Here's a quote that will make you sit up and pay attention. (Stop slouching. I can see you with my secret nano-camera embedded in page 99.)

"To date, SBICs have disbursed more than $13 billion to more than 78,000 small businesses. The concerns they have financed have far out-performed all national averages as measured by increases in assets, sales, profits, and new employment. Thousands of profitable business owners can relate how much they have benefited from the dollars and management counseling made available to them by SBICs for over 35 years."

Check out its Web site at http://www.nasbic.org/ and you'll find a lot of exciting stuff like that to read. Figure 10.4 will give you a sneak preview of the Web page.

Figure 10.4 See the voice of small business investment companies at http://www.nasbic.org/.

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