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Remember to Right-Click

Remember to use the shortcut menus that appear when you right-click on items. Both Netscape and Internet Explorer use them, as do other browsers. The shortcut menu is a new toy in the programmer's toy box—and a very nice one at that. (The Macintosh mouse has only one button; on Macintosh browsers, you might be able to access a pop-up menu by pressing the button and holding it down.) Experiment by right-clicking links, pictures, and the background, and you'll find all sorts of useful commands, such as those listed here:

  • Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location This command copies the URL from the link to the Clipboard.

  • Open This command opens the related document, just as if you had clicked the link.

  • Open in New Window This command opens a new window and loads the document referenced by the link you clicked.

  • Save Target As or Save Link As This command transfers the referenced document and saves it on your hard disk without bothering to display it in the browser first.

  • Add Bookmark or Add to Favorites This command places an entry for the document referenced by the link in the Bookmark or Favorites system.

Look to see which other commands are available. You'll find commands for moving back through framed documents, saving image files, saving background images as your desktop wallpaper, adding wallpaper, sending the Web page in an email message, and so on. (Which reminds me, maybe you should learn how to save such things from the Web, eh?)

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