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Will Your ISP Approve?

The bad news is that many ISPs don't support multilink connections. However, you can probably find another ISP that will support multilink connections in your area.

More on Multilink

To locate ISPs in your area that support multilink 112Kbps connections (two 56Kbps modems), go to


Enter your area code, select 112k Multilink for the access type, and click the Search button. If you are recycling an older 33.6Kbps or slower modem, ask if you can mix and match modem speeds and models; normally you will be able to.

When I searched for providers in my area code (812), I came up with 10 local and national providers supporting 112k Multilink, with prices ranging from as little as $19/month to as much as $39.95/month. So look around for a spare modem and put modem bonding to work for you. It will increase your download speed without breaking your piggy bank. You will need to have two phone lines to use this feature, but even if you need to add a second phone line, you'll enjoy the extra speed and the ability to share a phone line with your modem without losing the ability to work online.

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