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From the author of Calculating Your Own Paper Cost

Calculating Your Own Paper Cost

Using a form like the following, a company can calculate its own annual cost of paper expenses.

Type of Cost

How to Configure

Total Estimated Annual Paper Cost


Monthly paper cost multiplied by 12 months

Onsite file storage (filing cabinets)

Number of filing cabinets multiplied by 15.7 square feet, multiplied by the cost per square foot of space

Onsite file storage (bankers boxes)

Number of shelving units (with bankers boxes), multiplied by the square footage used, multiplied by the cost of rental space per square foot

Offsite file storage

Monthly cost of offsite storage multiplied by 12 months

Printer/copy machines

Annual printer/copy machine rental cost plus annual printer/copy machine maintenance cost

Printer/copier toners

Printer/copier/fax toners purchased (for the year)

Filing and office supplies

Cost of filing supplies such as file folders, hanging files, tabs, labels, binders, and so on (for the year)

Employee time

Approximate number of hours per office worker managing paper multiplied by the number of office workers, multiplied by the average hourly wage, multiplied by the number of workdays in the year


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