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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Organizing Files by Headings

In Explorer windows, files and folders appear in lists with headings at the top in Details view. You can use the headings to change how files are displayed in the window. You can use filtering and sorting to display the files and folders you want. Filtering displays only files and folders with the properties you select by heading type. For example, the A - H filter for file and folder names displays only files and folder that start with A - H. Sorting displays the files and folders in ascending or descending order by heading type. For example, the sort by name displays files and folders from A to Z or Z to A. You can apply a filter and sort a column to achieve the results you want.

Organize Files Using Filtering or Sorting

  • one.jpg Open the folder that contains the files you want to sort or filter.
  • two.jpg Click the Views button arrow, and then click Details.
  • three.jpg To sort files by headings, click the heading title you want to sort by. An arrow in the middle of the heading indicates the sort direction, ascending and descending.
  • four.jpg Point to the heading you want to filter by.
  • five.jpg Click the arrow to the right of the heading you want to filter by.
  • six.jpg Select the property check boxes you want to filter by.
  • seven.jpg Click in a blank area to close the search menu.

    A check mark replaces the arrow to indicates a filter is in place.

    • To cancel the search, press Esc.
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