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From the author of Adding, Formatting, Mounting, and Encrypting Disks

Adding, Formatting, Mounting, and Encrypting Disks

Before you can format, encrypt, or share a disk, you must first add it to FreeNAS.

Click Disks > Management, and click the add a disk (plus sign) button. Once added, click Apply. If you want to encrypt the disk for extra security, you need to do it now.

Any disk(s) you use with FreeNAS should be formatted with the UFS filesystem. Old Windows drives will probably have the FAT or NTFS filesystems on them.

If you used one of FreeNAS's installation methods, it probably formatted for you. However, in any other case you'll probably want to format the drive.

Click Disks > Format and format using the default settings.

Next you need mount the disk(s) so you can start using it. Click Disks > Mount Point, click the plus sign button, enter the details, and click Add.

Now you can start configuring and enabling the services, which is discussed in the next sections.

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