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Understanding InMail, Introductions, and LinkedIn Messages

LinkedIn offers several ways to communicate with other members. The type of communication you can send depends on how you're connected to these members. Your choices include

  • Messages. Messages are the primary form of communication on LinkedIn. You can send messages to your direct connections as well as to the people who belong to the same LinkedIn groups as you do. If you can send a message to someone, the Send Message link appears next to their name on their profile and in search results. See "Sending Messages" later in this lesson for more information. Although you'll often see the term "message" used generically to refer to all items in your Inbox, it is a specific type of communication in itself.
  • Invitations. An invitation is a request to connect with another LinkedIn member. See Lesson 3, "Adding and Managing Connections," for more information about sending invitations.
  • InMail. An InMail is a private message to or from a LinkedIn member who is not your connection. You can receive InMail free if you indicate that you are open to receiving InMail messages on the Account & Settings page. In general, sending InMail is a paid LinkedIn feature unless the recipient is a premium member who belongs to the OpenLink Network. See "Sending InMail" later in this lesson for more information.
  • Introductions. An introduction provides a way to reach out to the people who are connected to your connections. By requesting an introduction through someone you already know, that person can introduce you to the person you're trying to reach. You can contact your 1st degree connections to request introductions to members who are 2nd and 3rd degree connections. Members with free accounts can have up to five introductions open at a time. See "Requesting Introductions" later in this lesson for more information.
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