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In this chapter, you were introduced to the software IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory for developing portlets and the IBM WebSphere Portal for building, managing, and hosting portals.

First, as an overview, the chapter described key concepts and features. Then the tutorial was used to give you hands-on experience and reinforce the material introduced.

In the three-part tutorial, you developed and tested a simple portlet that displays information and a portlet that returns data from a database. You also deployed the portlets and saw them working in a production environment.

Tutorial summary:

  • Tutorial 7.1: Create and Test a Simple Portlet
    • Create a project
    • Create a model
    • Add a builder
    • Create a portlet
    • Test a model
    • Build a WAR file for production deployment
  • Tutorial 7.2: Create and Test a Portlet That Accesses a Database
    • Create a service provider model
    • Create a service consumer model
  • Tutorial 7.3: Deploy a Portlet
    • Install a portlet
    • Create a portal page
    • Add a portlet to a portal page
    • Edit portal page layout
    • Give access to users on new portlets
    • Illustrate single login to portal website rather than to individual application
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