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From the author of Does 'Consultopia' Exist?

Does 'Consultopia' Exist?

In a word, no. Consultopia does not exist. The purpose of this article is to set a goal—one that I think consultants working in this field, as well as owners of consulting companies, should try to push our companies to achieve. True, some companies are closer to this goal than others, but a human reality is that no company is perfect (my own employer included!).

In fact, I would go so far as to take anyone who claims to have built Consultopia with a huge grain of salt. Before you work there, perhaps leaving a reasonably good position in a company that at least tries to meet some of these standards, you should look long and hard to make sure that you're not being sold a "bill of goods."

Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to become overly cynical, either. Next time you evaluate an employer, it may not be a bad idea to see just how well it stacks up against this model. You might agree to work for an employer that lacks transparency, lacks a real mission (despite the "made up" mission), and treats its consultants like "pluggable resources." You also might understand later why that employer is beaten by its competitor that features highly engaged teams who come to their client ready to solve their problems, with a level of energy that's only rivaled by teams working on their own startup.

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