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Shutting Down JBoss 5

To stop the JBoss 5 application server, just open another DOS console (for instance, using the start command shown earlier) in the %JBOSS_HOME%\bin folder, and then run the following command:

shutdown –S

This command can be run from the DOS console used to build the code. The command should immediately initiate an orderly shutdown of the application server.


Loose coupling is a central element of modern software development. In some cases I've seen, software is so loosely coupled that it looks like it's about to unravel! But the reality is that loose coupling is really important. A closely allied concept is that of cross-cutting concerns—the functional components that span most (if not all) of your code.

EJB3 provides excellent support for implementing cross-cutting concerns in the form of interceptors. An interceptor class can be written completely separately from your business logic, entities, etc. However, the interceptor code can also be woven into any required part of your code. This has the important benefit of not making your application code unnecessarily complex.

The deployment model for interceptor code is also simple, and is another good reason to take a serious look at EJB3 technology.

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