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Choosing the Right White Balance

Here are the rules of thumb for better color outdoors:

  • On sunny days, use Auto white balance or, for more vivid colors, use Daylight white balance (see Figure 7.6).
    Figure 7.6

    Figure 7.6 Auto white balance (left) produces acceptable colors, but Daylight white balance (right) produces more vivid colors on a sunny day.

  • On overcast days, if you notice the colors are too blue, use Cloudy or Open Shade white balance (see Figure 7.7).
    Figure 7.7

    Figure 7.7 A comparison of daylight (left) and open shade (right) white balance settings.

  • If your camera has both Cloudy and Open Shade white balance settings, try Cloudy first. Use Open Shade if pictures are too blue when using Cloudy.

You can also use Custom white balance outdoors as well as indoors.


To learn more about choosing the best white balance settings, see Chapter 11, "Improving Color."

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