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To make your vacation pictures stand out from the rest, look for unusual ways to view your subjects. Here's a small sampling.

A New Take on Disney World

The Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue is in front of the Disney World Cinderella castle (see Figure 7.29). For a new perspective, I walked next to the statue and saw that Disney was "blessing" his creation (see Figure 7.30).

Figure 7.29

Figure 7.29 How to get a new perspective on an overdone subject.

Figure 7.30

Figure 7.30 Change your angle, and see how the subject interacts with the background.

At the Zoo

Enclosures can be a big problem (Figure 7.31), but by shooting through or over the fence, or shooting where there is no fence (Figure 7.32), you can get some intriguing photos.

Figure 7.31

Figure 7.31 The chain-link fence is quite visible, even with a wide aperture (f/4.0) so if possible, try to place your lens against the fence and shoot through a gap in the links.

Figure 7.32

Figure 7.32 A very limber wild horse.

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