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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adjusting Photos

The Adjust tool is the most complicated because it has many controls that are somewhat technical, such as Contrast, Saturation, and Temperature. Plus, each time you adjust one control, it can impact the appropriate setting of the other controls. Using the Adjust tool is a balancing act of sorts.

  • circle-1.jpg Click the Adjust button. The Adjust tool appears.
  • circle-2.jpg Drag the tool on the screen so that you can see it and the photo you are editing.
  • circle-3.jpg Use the sliders to change various properties of the image by moving them from the left to the right. As you move a slider, you see its impact on the image. The relative amount of change is indicated by the position of the slider and the numeric value at the right end of its bar.
  • circle-4.jpg To try to remove color cast (poor whites) from an image, click the Eyedropper button.
  • circle-5.jpg Point to the neutral gray or white and click the mouse button. iPhoto attempts to reset the colors accordingly.
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