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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Retouching Photos

Photos sometimes end up with blemishes, often from a problem with the camera’s lens, such as it being dirty or scratched. You can use the Retouching tool to hide the resulting blemishes in a photo.

  • circle-1.jpg Zoom and navigate to focus on the blemish.
  • circle-2.jpg Click the Retouch button. The Retouch tool appears.
  • circle-3.jpg Drag the size slider until the pointer, which is now a partial circle, is about the size of the blemish.
  • circle-4.jpg Move the pointer over the blemish.
  • circle-5.jpg Drag the pointer over the blemish. As you drag, a brown swath shows you the part of the image that you are dragging over.
  • circle-6.jpg When you’ve covered the blemish, release the mouse button.
  • circle-7.jpg Move the pointer out of the way and evaluate the results.
  • circle-8.jpg If the blemish is gone, you’re done; if not, repeat the process until it is. end.jpg
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