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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Removing Red-Eye

Red-eye is probably the most common problem with photos taken with a digital camera using flash. Nothing spoils a good photo like the evil-looking appearance of eyes when their centers are glowing red. Fortunately, iPhoto includes a Red-eye tool that can help decrease the impact of red eyes. The tool has two modes: Automatic and Manual. Try the Automatic mode first. If that doesn’t work, use the Manual mode.

  • circle-1.jpg Zoom and navigate to focus on some glowing eyes.
  • circle-2.jpg Click the Red-eye button. The Red-eye tool appears.
  • circle-3.jpg Click the Auto button. iPhoto attempts to remove the red-eye. If the problem is corrected sufficiently, you’re done. If not, continue.
  • circle-4.jpg Press command.jpg-Z to undo the automatic red-eye correction.
  • circle-5.jpg Drag the slider until the size of the circle (which is the pointer on the screen) is about the size of the red circles in the first eye you want to correct.
  • circle-6.jpg Move the pointer over the red part of the eye. Click the mouse button. The red in the circle is replaced with black.
  • circle-7.jpg Move the pointer out of the way and look at the result.
  • circle-8.jpg If you’re happy with the eye, move to the other eyes in the photo and repeat the process. If not, press command.jpg-Z to undo the change, make the pointer circle smaller or larger, and try again. end.jpg
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