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What Is Zfone?

Zfone is a standalone cryptographic package designed to work with VoIP communications software. It was created by Phil Zimmermann, the person who solved the encryption problem for email and file transfer with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), the most commonly used email encryption package on the Internet. Zfone versions are available for Linux, Windows, and OSX.

Zfone is known to be compatible with the following VoIP clients:

On Mac OS X (Tiger and Leopard), Zfone will encrypt audio and video for Apple iChat calls.

Zfone fails on Skype, which uses nonstandard proprietary protocols.

Zfone works with the following VoIP service providers:

It fails with Ekiga, but it works with Gizmo on Linux.

You must have a videoconferencing application working and set up, either with a service provider or peer-to-peer, before you install Zfone. Don't depend on the echo test—be sure to test with another VoIP client.

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