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Menu Extras

Mac OS X 10.1 introduces replacements for many of the features of the long-gone Control Strip: Menu Extras. The Menu Extras are provided to give users quick access to common system settings. A number of Menu Extras can be seen in Figure 3.13.

Figure 3.13 Menu Extras provide quick access to system settings.

Each Extra is added to the menu bar through System Preference panels that correspond to the item's function. A few of the extras provided in 10.1 include

    Displays—Adjust the resolution and color depth from the menubar.

    Volume—Change the sound volume.

    AirPort—Monitor AirPort signal strength and quickly adjust network settings.

    Date and Time—The traditional menu bar time and date display is now a Menu Extra and can be displayed graphically as a miniature clock or using the standard text format.

    Battery—Keep track of battery usage and recharge time through an all-new Battery item.

Clicking a Menu Extra opens a pop-up menu that displays additional information and settings. Items such as Battery and Date/Time can be modified to show textual information rather than a simple icon status representation. In addition, users can alter the position of Menu Extras by holding down the Option key and dragging the icons to the desired position.

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