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XSL Style Sheets

To deliver high performance, TIBCO General Interface relies heavily on the XML/XSL engine to render HTML instead of using DOM manipulation using JavaScript. It includes a large number of XSL style sheets in the distribution. Framework's XSL style sheets are stored in the JSX\xsl folder within the General Interface installation directory. A quick look in that directory shows the following xsl files:

  • cf_creator.xsl
  • cf_resolver.xsl
  • jsxlib.xsl
  • jsxmatrix.xsl
  • jsxmen.xsl
  • jsxselect.xsl
  • jsxtable.xsl
  • jsxtree.xsl
  • xml.xsl

Additionally, there are two subfolders: ie and fx. They contain XSL style sheets for the now deprecated classes List and Grid and are provided for backward compatibility with previous versions of General Interface.

Onscreen rendering of controls in General Interface is always done using these XSL style sheets. The XML data in CDF format is merged with one of these XSL style sheets to render the HTML for the browser. Editing these style sheets is not generally recommended because they are part of the General Interface product and may change with versions.

General Interface provides some hooks into these style sheets to allow customization. This technique helps the developer in another way—the developers do not have to write long and complex style sheets to do complete rendering; instead, they need to write only small fragments known as value templates, which are inserted by the General Interface runtime before running the merge with one of these prebuilt style sheets.

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