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1.9 Problems

Q1-1. Name a product in your home that does not include an integrated circuit.

Q1-2. Use data from the ITRS Web site (http://www.itrs.net) to plot feature size as a function of time.

Q1-3. Draw a block diagram for a four-bit counter using one-bit counters. Each one-bit adder is a primitive represented by a box; it has one input a and one output s.

  1. Draw the four-bit counter using four one-bit counters.
  2. Draw the four-bit counter by first drawing a two-bit counter built from one-bit counters, then using the two-bit counter as a component in the one-bit counter.

Q1-4. Briefly describe the relationship between these design abstractions:

  1. Circuit waveforms vs. digital signals.
  2. Digital signals vs. binary numbers.
  3. Logic gates vs. adders.
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