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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding a Decorative Border

A frame is just one example of the wide variety of custom, prebuilt shapes available in Photoshop Elements. To make the frame even fancier, this example applies a Craquelure filter to give the frame a rich, dimensional look.


  • 1.jpg With the Editor in Full Edit mode and an image open, choose Image, Resize, Canvas Size.
  • 2.jpg Type a Width the same as the print size and about 2 inches wider than the current image size. Do the same for Height.
  • 3.jpg Click OK.
  • 4.jpg Right-click the Shape tool in the toolbar and choose Custom Shape Tool.

  • 5.jpg In the options bar, open the Shape pop-up palette.
  • 6.jpg Double-click any Frame shape.
  • 7.jpg With the Foreground color set to the color you want the frame to be, click and drag in the image to surround the photo with the frame.
  • 8.jpg Click the Simplify button.

  • 9.jpg Choose Filter, Texture, Craquelure.
  • 10.jpg Click OK again.


The frame used here is just one of many Custom Shapes, which are ready-made so that you don’t have to do any freehand drawing. Categories include Animals, Arrows, Banners and Awards, Characters, Default, Frames, Fruit, Music, Nature, Objects, Ornaments, Shapes, Signs, Symbols, Talk Bubbles, and Tiles.

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