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The Wild, Wild Web

Much of the Internet is still the "Wild, Wild Web" and remains largely unregulated. There is very little authentication of email accounts, websites, and blogs. Anyone can establish them. In an effort to lure pedophiles, law enforcement routinely establishes false identities as young adolescents. There is no validation of age, gender, sex, or location on most free email programs; hence, it is very easy for anyone to create a false identity.

Websites are easy to create with just a bit of technical knowledge. Remember all the phony websites established to accept donations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? Imagine if a website was created using your name and image with links to such nefarious activities as pornography or even worse, child pornography. This is the modern day equivalent of scrawling "For a good time, call Jane Doe" on the bathroom wall. Someone with an axe to grind can do much damage in little time.

With no regulations whatsoever, people can put together a website for just about anything. Websites can be used for professional reasons. They can be used to sell cars, share recipes, or list team stats. They can provide critical medical information or archive history that would otherwise be lost, but they can also be built to completely damage a person's reputation, promote child sexual exploitation, or to perpetuate a dangerous infatuation.

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