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Would You Say It to My Face?

The Internet can be a very safe place to travel if you know how to protect yourself online. The most important line of defense to your online personal safety arsenal is to ask yourself one thing: Would I tell a stranger who looks suspicious to me, someone I have just met for the very first time in person, what I'm about to say online?

It is easy—due to the supposed "anonymity" of the Internet—to say things you would never dream of saying to a stranger you've just met on a bus or in a bar. The Internet is not anonymous, not by any means. The perception that what you say online to a stranger 3,000 miles away won't come back to haunt you is a dangerous one to have. Always act under the premise that the person you're communicating with online is sitting next to you just a few feet away before sending that email or posting that blog. We're not trying to limit anyone's freedom of speech; we're just suggesting that you think about what the potential reaction of what you say online could be before you post—for your own personal safety.

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