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Teen/Tech Stalking

Anyone with teenagers knows how comfortable teens are with technology, but this has led to a new form of cyber stalking dubbed "teen/tech stalking" in which cell phones and text messages—the staples of many teens nowadays—are used to harass, dominate, and/or humiliate young people, in most cases teen girls.

Teen Study

Teenage Research Unlimited recently conducted a nationwide survey of 615 teens between the ages of 13 and 18. The results are alarming:

  • Thirty percent admit they've been text-messaged or emailed up to 30 times an hour by a boyfriend or girlfriend checking up on them.
  • Eighteen percent said their partner has used a social-networking site to harass them.
  • Seventeen percent said their partner made them "afraid not to respond to a cell phone call, email, IM, or text message."
  • Ten percent said they had been threatened in calls or messages.
  • Fifty-eight percent of parents whose teens were physically assaulted by their partner did not know it had happened.
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